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IT Support Services

What are some of the things that separate PPM from other IT support services?

We started with PCs in the '70s when they first started. We put the first network in place at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Federal Savings and Loan, and many other businesses.

As business consultants, we look at the big picture of how your technologies interact with your projects, departments, and personnel.

When we assist in choosing solutions, we document processes, minimum requirements, desired features and create Requests for Proposal documents. 

We perform risk assessments when appropriate, evaluate and monitor backup solutions and handle keeping your systems updated. We install updates on our systems and test the updates before placing them on your systems for clients that desire that service.

We have experience in both in-house systems and cloud systems and also support mixed environments.

University of New Mexico

Cashering Project

The University of New Mexico embarked on a project to custom write their own cashering system. After over a year, management felt it was not moving in the direction that it desired. We were contracted to take over the project and get it finished. We did it using the personnel at the University and kept the good work they had already accomplished. We provided communication between the technical and administrative staff to get the job completed successfully.

INTEL Corporation
Upgrade large quantity of computers in Dublin, Ireland

Working with Intel and Jacobs Engineering to do workstation upgrades. We work with multiple companies to do server and workstation upgrades.

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