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Cyber Security

We provide update and detection systems on your computers and help respond when compromises occure
Russian invasion of your computers


The federal government warned that Russia is aiming at our networks. So is China. So are millions of hackers out there. We can provide methods of detecting when programs are installed on your systems.

Antivirus and malware systems will tell you when they block an attack, but when one gets by them, it wont. Our systems will tell us when something new is installed on a system so we can make sure it was installed for your company instead of a hack.

Open holes in your OS and browsers

PPM security systems will monitor your operating system and browsers to make sure they have the most current updates. Not doing this leaves a huge whole in your security where hackers can get in. 'Robots' continually scan the internet looking for systems that are not updated so that hackers can break in.

Training to lower risk

PPM is skilled at the training of your personnel to lower the chance of them letting a hacker in. 

We provide examples and do not 'talk down' to your people, instead giving them knowledge they can use to lower risk

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