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Job Site Security

We help control your risk and protect your profits
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Our security services will concentrate on creating the most secure fencing and camera systems for your site. It alerts us when motion is detected during off-hours and we can view the audo/visual files and contact management and/or authorities. We have the videos archived on the cloud so even if the camera systems are destroyed or stolen, we still have the videos.

Cost effective solution

PPM security systems can cut down on the number of security guards and, in some cases, remove the need for security guards. with the Cellular connection backing up the WiFi (if any) connection, it is very difficult the interrupt.

Low cost initial consulting

PPM is skilled at facilitating and focusing the entire project team on creating a flexable solution. We can also create a RFP for security personnel and manage them for you. We have an extensive IT background as well as considerable job management experiance.